Archery is a Great Family Hobby Archery is a known activity since the olden days. Before they use the bow and arrow to hunt for food, to defend themselves and attack their enemies at war, and now it is a wonderful sport and hobby that families can enjoy. If you are a beginner you need to choose first what aspect of the sport you want to start with and then you also need to choose the proper bow and accessory equipment. To select the right bow, you need to determine which of your eyes has dominance. With both eyes open, point to an object and then close your left eye. If the object is still is alignment, then your right eyes is dominant and you should buy a right hand bow. if it is out of alignment, then your left eye is dominant so you need a left hand bow. A beginner's bow is for you. Its draw strength should be from 60-80 pounds. This bow is best for indoor or outdoor range practice. Recurve bows are recommended for beginners. Do not buy a fancy competition or hunting bow until you have mastered the sport. If You Read One Article About Hobbies, Read This One The 'draw length' is unique to each person. Here you measure the difference between your arm length and your chest width. If you need to be measure go to a pro shop. Then you are ready to go online to shop for a beginner's bow with the best price. If You Read One Article About Hobbies, Read This One There are different kinds of arrows made for different uses. Beginners can use aluminum or wooden arrows. Wooden arrows is great for target practice because arrows are easily damaged when they pass through a target. You can save money if you make your own arrows and you can do this together with members of your family as another hobby. Custom arrows are fun to make. They can be decorative and more accurate. When you buy things you need to make arrows you can also use these tools to repair them. When buying arrows, consider arrow spine and length. Arrow spine is the relative flexibility of the arrow shaft. The foot pound rating of your bow determines this. If it has a high rating then this means the arrow is stiff. A 60-80 pound bow rating is good for beginners. Add two inches to your bow string draw and that is your arrow length. A fully drawn ready to fire should sit at one inch from the leading edge of your bow grip. Beginners don't really need a sight. Regular practice you can judge distance and windage with your eyes alone. You can use sight systems when you advance. To protect your index and middle fingers you need finger tabs so it will not be painful. The bowstring returns in a snap which can hurt your forearm, and you can protect it with an arm guard.